Microsoft Azure is growing faster than AWS

Microsoft Azure is growing faster than AWS

Amazon was able to solidify a clear lead in hosted web services, but Microsoft with Windows Azure is gradually starting to catch up.

Amazon Web Services still has the clear lead in the cloud infrastructure market. But according to Thursday’s earnings reports, Microsoft’s rival offering is growing more than twice as fast.
One reason is that longtime users of Microsoft’s ubiquitous desktop software and Windows servers are sticking with the company they’ve known for decades, now that its Azure cloud technology is ready for prime time.
Companies like Sapient Consulting (a part of advertising giant Publicis), software developer Bentley Systems and biopharmaceutical services company Parexel have all chosen Azure over AWS.

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Amazon Key, Ready to let Amazon in your Home?

Amazon Key, Ready to let Amazon in your Home?

Ready or not, Amazon is looking to deliver packages INSIDE of your home, a new service called Amazon Key allows delivery drivers to access your home and leave the package inside.

The world’s largest e-commerce company on Wednesday revealed a new shipping service that lets customers receive packages inside their homes. The program, called Amazon Key, marks what may be biggest push by any company to spur in-home delivery. It launches next month in 37 US metropolitan areas.

Amazon Key works with the company’s new Cloud Cam security camera, a smart door lock and the new Key app. It will be available only for Prime members. Besides deliveries, the service can be used to let in guests and, in the coming months, will let customers schedule in-home visits from more than 1,200 businesses on Amazon Home Services, including house cleaners and dog walkers.

see more via: CNet

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